Nikola Jokic Wins the 2020-21 MVP Award

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13 күн мурун




ブランドーディオ 2 күн мурун
*when was the last time the mvp won the championship on the same season?*
John Smith
John Smith 3 күн мурун
Jokic had the best PER, VORP and WS/48 in the league. That has happened 21 times in the last 40 years, and that player is usually MVP. The 6 exceptions were mostly understandable: Magic over Jordan in 1989 (Bulls finished 5th in division) and 1990 (Bulls improved but Lakers went 63-19), Barkley over Jordan in 1993 (Suns immediately improved to 62-20, lost to Bulls in Finals), Olajuwon over Robinson in 1994 (straight up robbery but at least vote was very close), Duncan over McGrady in 2003 (Spurs went 60-22 while Magic went 42-40), and Rose over James in 2011 (Bulls improved to 62-20 from 41-41, and at age 22 Rose joined Jordan and James as only the 3rd player since 1972 to get 2000 pts and 600 assists in a season). In this case, not only did Jokic have a statistically better season than Embiid (and everyone else), but the 76ers went 49-23 while the Nuggets went 47-25, relying on Jokic to make up for the loss of Murray. There is no way that anyone deserves the MVP more than Jokic.
James 5 күн мурун
Bruh he doesn’t deserve it. Lebron better mvp wtf its rigged
IamAski 6 күн мурун
Greatest Denver Nugget ever 💯
VCS Nation
VCS Nation 7 күн мурун
Sonn curry should of one
19 DIVOC 9 күн мурун
Stats tells it all . He deserve it. Good job. Game 3 stats with pnx , 20 rebs, 10 assts, 30+ pts , thats MVP. Just lacking good teammates.
Stephen Curry
Stephen Curry 9 күн мурун
Congrats Joker!
LancyLott 9 күн мурун
Nikola deserves it.
Kian Hiyama
Kian Hiyama 9 күн мурун
Omg bro bullshit it should be curry he had the most 40 point games in the season and had a streak of 25-30 games with 10+ pointers and I’m not lying check espn website
The HORSEYY_2 9 күн мурун
Nice Joker💪🏽
Daniel Stern
Daniel Stern 9 күн мурун
Hey look as a colorado/denver fan the avs couldn't pull off the 2nd series in the playoffs but Jokic winning MVP honestly makes up for it. Can't believe the nuggets have a hold of one of the most talented all around big men of the league. So proud of Jokic and I'm sure all of denver will remember this moment for a while. Go out there and prove you're the best Jokic!! Can't believe that out of all the legends who played for denver the man no one knew and isn't even from this country was the first player ever in franchise history to win MVP. And the only 2nd round pick to win it. His teammates have to feel amazing when that man is on the court with them WOW what an honor its been watching Jokic
Cameron Whiteside
Cameron Whiteside 9 күн мурун
He is good but this a joke literally he does not deserve mvp he is nice but no no no
Takagi Sato
Takagi Sato 10 күн мурун
Nikola Jokic NBA MVP 2021 First SERB that win this Trophy 🏆 He's Gamestyle is from other Universe For All Time in the History of the NBA THE JOKER 🏀 PRROUD of EUROPE and SRBIJA 🇷🇸
Morgan L
Morgan L 10 күн мурун
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Rider 10 күн мурун
it’s not even funny how good this guy is. dominates so well on both sides on the ball and a great leader. definitely deserves it more than Curry and Embiid. proud of this dude and he is a future hall of famer, mark my words.
John Dave
John Dave 10 күн мурун
Robert Petkovic
Robert Petkovic 10 күн мурун
Thank you USA🇺🇸🏀🇷🇸🎩🍀
Tumaurion Alt
Tumaurion Alt 10 күн мурун
Curry should've been mvp
Cameron Hollingsworth
Cameron Hollingsworth 10 күн мурун
I’ve never heard him talk before 😂😂
Earl Taylor
Earl Taylor 10 күн мурун
Lowest Drafted and worst MVP ever. Seems fitting
Johnny Ola
Johnny Ola Күн мурун
@General Kenobi And Westbrook has like a first round exit four straight 😂 he can never carrry a team like gianiss, he can only get his stats
Earl Taylor
Earl Taylor 3 күн мурун
Westbrook has gone at other elite guards. Until I see Joker dominate another dominant big he’s not an MVP to me
General Kenobi
General Kenobi 7 күн мурун
@Johnny Ola Westbrook is a monster,I think you mean giannis attemptothrowbrick being a back to back to back 2nd round exit
Johnny Ola
Johnny Ola 8 күн мурун
Your forgetting about stat-padder westbrook
Talha Abowath
Talha Abowath 10 күн мурун
Almost unanimous mvp
carloz juan arebalo
carloz juan arebalo 10 күн мурун
The joker is de best ever
Solzseal 10 күн мурун
Nicoooooola lol.
Danilo Colakovic
Danilo Colakovic 10 күн мурун
Thtboiwontmiss 10 күн мурун
Imagin Luka, jokic, and Kawhi in the same team 😂
Aiden Parkhurst
Aiden Parkhurst 10 күн мурун
Well deserved Joker, Go Nuggets🃏🃏
Rylan Brown
Rylan Brown 10 күн мурун
The curry d-riders finna be mad 😂
Stephen Curry
Stephen Curry 9 күн мурун
nah he deserved it lmao
Caleb Stewart
Caleb Stewart 10 күн мурун
If you don’t think Nikola deserved this, then your just a casual
Cameron Davis
Cameron Davis 10 күн мурун
Watching this guy play is crazy. He looked very odd. He looks so unathletic yet is able to maneuver himself in ways that don’t seem possible. One of the more unique but dominant players I’ve seen
Cameron Davis
Cameron Davis 10 күн мурун
This Suns series is really showing how much they miss Jamal Murray. I think next year, they have a shot of winning it all if they can get another piece as well
Paula Wooder
Paula Wooder 10 күн мурун
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Josiah Brady
Josiah Brady 10 күн мурун
This is particularly awesome to me because there was an incredible amount of dissenting opinions on him for so many years in spite of the clear analytical indicators that he was an offensive juggernaut from his rookie year-it just took for the timeshare concept between him and Nurkic to be lifted to increase the sample size and validate the early year samples
A 10 күн мурун
CP3 should've won after last night's performance.
calikev7 10 күн мурун
Jokic been disrespected since the moment he was drafted. Give him his respect. MVP hate it or love it. Haters Gone Hate. Keep Ballin Jokic!!
MarSH 10 күн мурун
well deserved...
Akira S
Akira S 10 күн мурун
Thumbnail make it look like he's being tried in court or something, especially with Gordon in the back looking gangsta.
Lucky Valera
Lucky Valera 10 күн мурун
AnthonyAnalog 10 күн мурун
This aged well 🤣
Z R 10 күн мурун
Goofy white even better
Z R 10 күн мурун
White guy, I love it.
Julia Free
Julia Free 10 күн мурун
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loudpackalumni YT
loudpackalumni YT 10 күн мурун
Steph deserved it way way more The mvp is literally a joke this year
Wealth Insider
Wealth Insider 10 күн мурун
The Joker should totally NFT that commercial and I would bid it with all my ETHs.. Well deserved MVP!
Nikola Jokić
Nikola Jokić 10 күн мурун
Remember everybody they played a commercial while I was drafted,the disrespect
Michael Murray
Michael Murray 10 күн мурун
Suns fan but well deserved ,good season joker
Funify II
Funify II 10 күн мурун
Wow second round pick to mvp even a Taco Bell ad didn’t care when he was drafted
S Y 10 күн мурун
MVP gets swept outta 2nd round 👌
ActOfLove *
ActOfLove * 10 күн мурун
“The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.” ‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭9:10‬ ‭NIV‬
Branko :D
Branko :D 10 күн мурун
Serbian man dominated in America's sport Take a bow
Daquan Davis
Daquan Davis 10 күн мурун
Do y’all believe Jokic was the best player in the NBA this year?
Dr. Chodalikus Markivicujus (Y.N.W.A)
Dr. Chodalikus Markivicujus (Y.N.W.A) 10 күн мурун
Robert Neil Absalon
Robert Neil Absalon 10 күн мурун
Finally a big man winning the MVP
Zenitsu Agatzuma
Zenitsu Agatzuma 10 күн мурун
LoL Jokic Is just an upgrade Version of Westbrook stats Mvp but cant Carry Sad if Embid wasnt injured
J 10 күн мурун
Campazzo should have won it
Wisely Chen
Wisely Chen 10 күн мурун
Suns in 4
Truth Hurts
Truth Hurts 10 күн мурун
The nba is a joke. One sided players should never get mvp. Joel is way better
Freezey 10 күн мурун
Cooking Parker
Cooking Parker 10 күн мурун
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Dan Salami
Dan Salami 10 күн мурун
He earned it. Hope they go far in the west.
B P 10 күн мурун
ceniu fagii
ceniu fagii 10 күн мурун
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ToreWorld 10 күн мурун
Joshua Jean-Baptiste
Joshua Jean-Baptiste 10 күн мурун
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NSH Brock
NSH Brock 10 күн мурун
The worst mvp we’ve had in awhile but he does deserve it
fmk Herron
fmk Herron 10 күн мурун
He’s A 🍕💩
Perfect Blue
Perfect Blue 10 күн мурун
You gotta love him, so humble, no ego, unque player very fun to watch. He desreved this, congratulations hopefully he ll win ring one day and finals MVP also.
da foocha
da foocha 10 күн мурун
I shoulda got mvp!
Alexis Negrete
Alexis Negrete 10 күн мурун
Umbreon Pizza
Umbreon Pizza 10 күн мурун
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MKpwn 10 күн мурун
It's weird how ppl can pronounce Giannis's full name by now but somehow still don't get that it's Nikola and not Niiicoola.
K Bonilla2.0
K Bonilla2.0 10 күн мурун
Definitely inspiring for future 2nd round draftees.
Delbert Grady
Delbert Grady 10 күн мурун
Extremely legendary
Water & Honesty
Water & Honesty 10 күн мурун
I fucks with Jokic but I been sayin CP3 is the obvious standout MVP. He just joined the Suns & no one expected them to clinch the number 2 seed in the Western conference, knock off the champion Lakers 4-1 & be up 2-0 in the second round against a much deeper team legitimate contenders. Even tho Nuggets deeper, Phoenix look like a much better managed team. Outside of CP3 & Devin Booker it's basically contributors that's on they job all cuz of CP3 Point God. They gave the MVP award out too early, they should allow the season to play out cuz if Phoenix sweep Denver Jokic gon look crazy & CP3 gon look like he got cheated (which he lowkey did).
Water & Honesty
Water & Honesty 10 күн мурун
@Nikola Jokić oh ok, SMD foh
Nikola Jokić
Nikola Jokić 10 күн мурун
You’re a clown,1 the suns beat them 4-2,2 Lebrun and ad were both like 30 percent, 3 if you fucking watched a smidge of basketball you know that the nuggets are missing three rotational players one being they’re second best player,also everyone chose the suns over the nugs to win,4the suns are in fact a deeper team than the nugs so do you’re research before you talk
CallMeAllen 10 күн мурун
MVP is a regular season award buddy
drax 10 күн мурун
All these people hating on Jokic are just racist lmao
PumpFake 10 күн мурун
couldn’t stop smiling watching this man jokic is such a great player and an even better person
Mirko Jovanovic
Mirko Jovanovic 10 күн мурун
We had a lot of top NBA players who came from Serbia and Montenegro, but Jokic is unreal. A big plus for the NBA is to have Jokica in your ranks. Nikola, good luck, good balls, assists and a lot of points I wish you. Bravo boy, we love you - Serbia and Montenegro forever.
Ker Lozano
Ker Lozano 10 күн мурун
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James Robinson
James Robinson 11 күн мурун
He deserves it
Ilija Knezevic
Ilija Knezevic 11 күн мурун
What is it with all those guys sitting in their chairs with turned backs after the announcement? A few handshakes from the closest few, with asses glued to the chair. Felt so underwelming, so disrespectful, at least he got one hug. Can someone explain this to me?
Alex Rodriguez
Alex Rodriguez 11 күн мурун
Bro fr, wtf is wrong with ya'll, he's not the fucking MVP, STEPH CURRY deserved it😤#30
Freezey 10 күн мурун
Get his meat outta ya mouth
Slim Shetty
Slim Shetty 11 күн мурун
Imagine shaq and jokic playing in the same era
napai ficae
napai ficae 11 күн мурун
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Rivexity WARX
Rivexity WARX 11 күн мурун
this is pathetic curry should be holding that trophy he was truly the best player in the nba just bc they didn’t make it to the playoffs doesn’t mean he is not the best you can’t carry the rest of the team and win a championship it doesn’t work like that
Freezey 10 күн мурун
TheFastright PTG
TheFastright PTG 11 күн мурун
LMAO your delusional i bet all you watch are curry games to say that😂
TOOhigh2QuiT 11 күн мурун
really sucks Murray is out for the season. Nuggets really have a chance to make it all the way with this squad this year.
Hermis Getwater
Hermis Getwater 11 күн мурун
aron gordon trade is a mistake
Figaro Figaro
Figaro Figaro 11 күн мурун
Just trying to make history at this point.
Bob Bob
Bob Bob 11 күн мурун
Nikola Jokic is so damn likeable. Works hard, humble, real team player, top talent. I wish Murray was healthy to help him and the rest of the Nuggets win a chip.
Joel Embiid's official burner account
Joel Embiid's official burner account 11 күн мурун
good for him but he aint that good
Jackson Basquin
Jackson Basquin 11 күн мурун
0-2 what you doing jokic.
Justin T
Justin T 11 күн мурун
Curry had the better season
Mario Mosqueda
Mario Mosqueda 11 күн мурун
He spends most of the time arguing the refs when he doesn´t like not-called fouls just like Lebron... Joel Embiid is the real MVP this season. Better numbers, better interaction with his fans, he improved his game this season 40 %. Why NBA? This guy sucks big time. Just look at the game right now. Or maybe K-pop fans voted for him???
Nikola Jokić
Nikola Jokić 10 күн мурун
You said joking spends all his times arguing with refs? And you are saying Joel is doesn’t argue with the refs? Also joking averages averages 26 points with like a quarter of the free throw attempts embed has and more assists! Like just come on man🤡
JJ I 11 күн мурун
Willis Reed was a second round pick and MVP. So much for knowledge of NBA history.
Middle-Earth Troll
Middle-Earth Troll 11 күн мурун
The best part is seeing how happy his team was for him.
CabsFlicks 11 күн мурун
won because everyone is injured ayt
King JCG
King JCG 11 күн мурун
Tha season ain’t over yet idk why they chose him during tha playoffs
Jesus Peres
Jesus Peres 11 күн мурун
Jokic > Gobert
Stephen Curry
Stephen Curry 9 күн мурун
DJ 11 күн мурун
So happy for him!!!
Yasser Untong
Yasser Untong 11 күн мурун
Well-deserved, big guy! I remember you were only a backup center for Serbia. But you have proven yourself to be that good. Congratsss
fetty _wap_goat
fetty _wap_goat 11 күн мурун
Nuggets got the brighest future i see the winning at least 3 chips with this team
Gaurav Bose
Gaurav Bose 11 күн мурун
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JUSTIN ARCHER 11 күн мурун
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